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Mobile Device and Computer Lessons

In Edinburgh and Lothians


You can have lessons on how to get the best use out of your desktop PC, Laptop or Mobile Device. Lessons for Edinburgh and Lothians can be given one to one in your home, office, workplace or you can choose to be taught remotely over the web!


Worldwide one to one tutorials available over the internet using Remote Access software. As long as your internet connection is stable then there’s lots we can cover in our one to one lessons, choosing days and times suitable to yourself which can be flexible to best fit around your schedules.



Computer Lessons for Edinburgh and Lothians

Lessons given in your own home or office on the following, and more! Safe Web Navigation, Internet Virus Protection and Clean up Tools, Files and Folder Management, Windows Settings and Features, Emailing Images and Documents, Skype Video Chats, Downloading Software/Movies/Music, Writing DVD Movies, Writing Music CD’s, Shopping Online Safely, Streaming Movies and TV Show’s Online, Microsoft Word, Excel & Access (to a basic level), Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ and anything else you would like to learn.



Lessons Given on Tablets, Smartphones, Their Apps and Other Devices

The mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) we have these days are basically small computers. Most of the time they are used to perform many tasks that computers are also used for. They even have more storage capacity, more ram (memory) and faster processing power than proper computers had not that long ago!


Many of the things mentioned for laptop and desktop PC lessons can also be taught on mobile devices. There are apps that can run Microsoft Office files created on a PC, apps to watch live TV and stream shows and movies, apps for picture editing, emailing, Skype video chats, all the social networks.


With many fun games and useful tools, and of course being able to browse all the websites and shop on all the online stores the same way you would on a computer, they're slowly replacing computers.   We give lessons in all aspects of mobile devices, their apps and any other devices you may have for connecting to your mobile device or computer!



Worldwide Computer Lessons

Over Remote Access at an arranged time, anything we can teach you on a PC or Laptop in your own home or office we can also teach you over the internet using remote access software such as TeamViewer which is a safe and trusted programme used to connect our computer to yours.


Each session needs a unique password only you have for us to be able to logon to your machine with the connection ending when any of us close the window we are operating in.   It is preferred that you are able to communicate with us while we show you things on screen, ideally a mobile device with internet calls so we can talk for FREE, or a Skype voice call on the computer we are working on.


If communication is not possible during the remote access session we can simply open up a blank notepad on your screen to use for messaging throughout the session.


For more info on remote access sessions visit Remote Web Services

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