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Computer Upgrades for Desktop PC's and Laptops

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Need a new Hard Drive or just extra storage space?


PC Games struggling with your current Graphics Card and RAM?


Want to start burning DVD’s but don’t have a DVD Rewriter?


Want a faster machine without buying a new one?


Maybe It’s Time For A Computer Upgrade!

Upgrading your computer doesn't have to mean getting a new one. We do all kinds of computer upgrades in Edinburgh and Lothians, sourcing parts at the best prices we can find.  From time to time we can also do deals on used / refurbished parts ALL coming with a warranty!


What you think as being fit for the trash and not even good enough to hand down to someone else to use might be just a half hour work away from being fast again at little cost!



Desktop Computer Upgrades

The beauty of desktop PC's is the fact you can slide of the side panel with a couple of screws then quickly and easily change parts. It is often possible to change a part as an upgrade as in the same part but at a higher performance, depending on your motherboards specifications and limitations. Higher specification parts that can be easily bought off the shelf in high street shops or online on ebay and amazon can be fitted into your tower in minutes.


Parts that are easy to buy and replace / upgrade (with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers bringing costs down) include Hard Drives, RAM, Graphics Cards, Sound Cards, USB Ports, Card Readers, Power Units, Processors, Cooling Fans and optical drives such as CD / DVD Writers.


We also advise anyone with a desktop PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 to have their operating system upgraded as all of those versions are no longer supported by Microsoft so will receive no important security updates in future. You will also find programmes that used to work before no longer working as they update to versions that don't support the older windows operating systems.


We can install Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 on your desktop to bring it up to date if you are running one of the older versions mentioned above that are no longer receiving support from Microsoft.



Laptop Upgrades

Laptops can't be upgraded as much as desktop PC's as they are not designed to give easy access with each laptop model made a specific way so that he parts it needs won't fit into other laptops.


Many desktop PC's are a large case with lots of space so parts can be different shapes, made to fit any desktop PC and made by many different manufacturers adopting the universal fittings used.  Laptop parts are designed a specific way to fit into a tight space for that particular laptop design meaning a smaller number of manufacturers of those parts.


Although more limited in upgrade options than with a desktop PC there are many benefits from the upgrades that are possible.


As with desktops, any laptop that is running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 must be upgraded to Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 as the older operating systems are no longer receiving mainstream support from Microsoft. This leaves them less secure and unable to run certain programmes they used to run before. We offer upgrades to Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 at very competitive rates.


Other upgrades possible for laptops include CD/DVD Writers, RAM (memory) and Hard Drives (Storage Capacity).


We also do Laptop keyboard and screen replacements, as part of our work in PC Repairs in Edinburgh and Lothians

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