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What Can be Done Remotely?

All kinds of tasks can be done remotely, as well as the various fixes listed below we can also give tutorials on making Skype calls, emailing, file and folder management, safe internet shopping, Facebook, Twitter,  Photoshop, wordproccessing, spreadsheets, databases and more.



Typical Remote Fixes

  • General Clean Up to improve speed and performance
  • Installation and configuration of software, drivers and devices
  • Removal of Adware, Spyware and Unwanted Programmes, many of them causing pop ups screens and ads appearing on web pages where they shouldn’t be
  • Fixing of web browsers and search engines that have been hijakced by others (your home page changed and google not used for searches anymore)
  • Removal of Malware, Trojans and other serious virus



A Much Needed Service

Many of us are living more busy lives these days, often too busy to be dropping off then collecting PC’s or Laptops needed sorted, or working long hours and not getting home until after business hours.


There’s also many of you that will be living in the country, on a farm or in some remote house miles from the nearest town, and those of you that work from home looking for a fix urgently as you have deadlines to meet.


There are many times for many reasons a visit to a shop or a PC Technician visiting your home or office is just not convenient so we would like to offer you an alternative that might suit your needs better.


So as long as your internet connection is stable we can help with all sorts of issues without us having to visit and without you having to leave your home or workplace!


How It Works

We will ask you to install a well known and trusted Remote Access Programme such as Team Viewer (which we are using to illustrate and can be downloaded from their website at ), and we will have the same software installed at our end. On opening the programme you will be presented with a window giving you your unique ID and Password (on the left in picture 1) which you must email or message to us.


We then enter your ID on our screen and are prompted for your password, once entered we then have access to your desktop. During this process we will be in control of your mouse but you can still control it too and we may ask you to if we are needing you to show us something or repeat an action that caused an issue/error for us to see.


Install TRUSTED Remote Access Software such as Team Viewer onto the PC or Laptop that has the issues

We will  have the same installed at our end and ask you for your Team Viewer ID and Password

Team Viewer On Your Screen

Remote Access Software On Client Computer

You give us your ID and password from the left

Your ID will always be the same

Your password changes for each new session

Team Viewer On Our Screen

Remote Access Software On PC Mule Computer

We enter your ID on our screen on the right

We are prompted to enter password

Connection is then established

Once the connection is established we will explain what we are about to do before performing any actions with you able to watch what we do every step of the way


Security, Privacy and Peace of Mind

We take privacy and data protection very seriously, we’ve been doing remote access fixes for over 10 years now with all our previous customers happy with the work done.


We have no need to see your documents, pictures, videos and bookmarks to do the tasks we offer. Any exploring of your files and documents would only be if invited to show you how to manage them better.


Each time a Team Viewer session ends (when one of us closes the Team Viewer window) the password we have will be no use and a new password needed for us to access your machine again. Also, your machine can’t be access by us if the Team Viewer programme is not up and running on your PC / Laptop, giving you extra peace of mind.

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