Final Fantasy VII Remake on Playstation 4 (Video)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One PS4

SO now ya grown up you don’t have time to do any serious gaming, with just casual play on a phone or tablet?
Here’s Final Fantasy VII the Remake!


Final Fantasy VII was the last game I played seriously over many days each week being so what a surprise it was to see this video on Youtube, YES, it’s back…. There is now a remake of Final Fantasy VII as showcased by Square Enix on the PS4 at this year’s E3 Conference. It’s almost enough to make me wanna run out and buy a PS4 then manage my time better in order to play this game to death!


So what is there to expect? Watch this space, or at least another post in future 😉


Final Fantasy VII Remake


On a more serious note, sad to say I haven’y got the money for a PS4 and not any time to actually play one as I’m too busy working to try have more money .. BLEH!


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