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Computer Repairs Edinburgh and Lothians

Maintenance Worldwide Via Remote Access


PC Mule are based in Edinburgh and carry all kinds out computer and laptop repairs and maintenance work throughout the lothians.


Maintenance / fixes (for software / settings / viruses) are also available worldwide via Remote Access software such as TeamViewer.


As long as you have a stable internet connection there’s lots we can do to resolve many PC and Laptop issues from anywhere in the world.



Computer Repairs for Edinburgh and Lothians
No Call Out Fee, No Fix No Fee

You can have us visit your premises to carry out any work required with no call out fee.


Issues with RAM, Hard Drives, Graphics Cards and drivers etc can be easily detected or be very apparent. However, there may be times where you might not be sure exactly what the problem is. We offer a free diagnosis and a no obligation free estimate on any work that may be required.


You will also not be charged for our time if we find we can't resolve your issue(s), or if the needed work turns out to be too costly and not worth it.




Blue Screen of Death?
Hard Drive making the Death Clicking Sound?
Laptop doing Random Shutdowns? Power Gone?

Many issues are software related but for situations where hardware is to blame we are experts in both fixing and replacing parts. In all cases we give a free diagnosis to find the fault(s), we will then give you our advice, your possible options and a quote for the work needing done for each of your options before we go ahead with the work. There won’t ever be any hidden costs or work carried out without your agreement on cost first.



Data Recovery

We can recover lost work files, pictures, documents, videos from the hard drives of PC’s and Laptops and from USB Flash and Camera Memory Cards even after they have been deleted and formatted. There’s no software that has a 100% success rate but we find we always manage to get most if not all by using more than one piece of software doing deeper and longer scans (sometimes over days) to ensure we have tried everything we can.


If you're needing a part replaced, and depending on the part, you may be able to take the opportunity to upgrade, we offer Computer Upgrades in Edinburgh and Lothians



Computer Maintenance Worldwide
Via Remote Access

Many computer maintenance tasks can be performed without us having to be physically there, we can connect to the problem PC / Laptop if your internet is okay and sort out a wide range of things as well as give lessons on the use of apps, programmes and operating systems.


Screen Freezes? Things take too long to open?
Getting Low Virtual Memory Message?

If your PC / Laptop was fast enough when you first got it then there’s usually no need for a new one or an Upgrade. Staying on top of things as a force of habit prevents problems with speed and performance from happening in the first place.


Through performing various tasks and checking / changing various settings we will not only get your PC / Laptop back running at its optimum speed but also show you how you can keep on top of things to make sure it maintains that speed.


Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal, Key Registry Fix, Disk Defragment, Unnecessary Programs Removed From 'Startup', All Temp Files & Cookies Removed, several Windows settings adjusted and explained.


Learn more about our Remote Web Services

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