Computer Repairs and Maintenance

At PC Mule we do Computer Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades. See Maintenance and Repairs & Upgrades


We give lessons on PC, Laptop and Mobile Devices. See Lessons


No matter where you are in the world if your internet is okay we can help. See Remote Services


We also run a blog. See PC Mule Tech Blog

Desktop PC and Laptop Computer Maintenance and Repairs Edinburgh Desktop PC and Laptop Computer Upgrades Edinburgh Desktop PC and Laptop Computer Lessons Edinburgh also for Mobile Devices Desktop PC and Laptop Economical Computer Services Edinburgh Computer Services Remotely Worldwide PC Mule offers free advice, call 07841 763 054 or email Find PC Mule on social media, we're on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ PC Mule also has a tech blog

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Now let’s break it down

PC Mule - Computer Repairs Edinburgh

This is where we get our name from 😉

Maintenance and Repairs


PC Maintenance and Repairs Button

PC and Laptop Maintenance Edinburgh and Lothians or Worldwide using Team ViewerAll sorts of Computer Maintenance and Repair tasks can be carried out worldwide via remote access using programmes like TeamViewer or if in Edinburgh and Lothians we can visit your home/office or you can drop off then collect. As well as Computer repairs such as laptop keyboard and screen replacements we do general clean ups, lost data recovery and more!

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Small Button - Upgrades Red & Grey

PC / Laptop Upgrades Edinburgh and Lothians we also sell PC ComponentsWe do various PC and Laptop Upgrades in Edinburgh, before doing any upgrading we will check to be sure an upgrade is actually what you need. Many performance issues can be resolved without the need of extra ram or more powerful processors / graphics cards. For any upgrades that are actually required or simply desired we give free advice and can offer a few different options over several price ranges to suit your budget.

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Small Button - Lessons Red & Grey

PC / Laptop Lessons Edinburgh and Lothians or Worldwide using TeamViewerLessons on Email, Skype,Web Browsing, PC File & Folder Management, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Safe Downloading, General PC Housekeeping and various other topics. Lessons can be given in your own home/office or even remotely using TeamViewer Skype, Instant Messaging, Emails etc. We also cover tablets, smartphones, other devices and apps.

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Small Button - Economical Red & Grey

Economical PC / Laptop Services Edinburgh and Lothians or Worldwide using TeamViewerEconomical in all we do, competitive rates for computer repairs / upgrades, clean ups and general maintenace. Any parts needed coming with warranty (whether used/refurbished or new) and all our work guaranteed. For computer lessons at home we charge considerably less than our competitors and also extend this value for lessons given remotely over the web.

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PC Mule - Computer Maintenance and Servicing Worldwide using Remote Access Software


PC Mule - Remote Computer Servicing using Team Viewer

General Clean Ups to Improve Performance and Speed

Installation and Configuration of Software, Drivers and Devices

Spyware, Adware, Malware and Trojan Removal

General Troubleshooting and Tutorials


Distance is no object!

It don’t matter where in the world you are, if you have PC or Laptop issues we can help as long as you have a stable internet connection. Through using Remote Access Software such as Team Viewer we can connect to your machine and take over, you can then sit back and relax while we take control of your desktop and cursor then get to work on your problems. We don’t need to access any of your personal files such as pics, docs, vids and bookmarks and you will be able to see all that we do. We also suggest you take notes so you know how to sort such issues by yourself in future 🙂

Remote Services



Not sure of what you want or might need? We’re always happy to give free advice,  you can call or text 07841 763 054, email,  use the form on our Contact page or message us on our Facebook Page PC MULE

PC Mule Tech Blog

In our tech blog we share news, previews, reviews and our views as well as other articles/items relating to tech, gadgets, computing, software/apps and more from the web and everywhere and anywhere!


PC Mule Tech Blog Gaming CategoryGaming… We don’t profess to be Professional Gamers or play them as much as we would like to but we do appreciate good games and aim to cover a wide range of genres. Here we share previews / reviews / news from all things gaming. From hardware to accessories and of course the games themselves.




PC Mule Tech Blog Kids Corner CategoryKids Corner… Covering everything kids related, for early learning, for fun, for safety and security, for tips and recommendations, for parents and guardians. Posting about apps, websites, games, gadgets and basically anything tech related that’s aimed at kids or those who look after them.

Kids Corner



PC Mule Tech Blog Just For Fun CategoryJust For fun…  Here we may post about real fun games, apps, websites and gadgets  you may like but also the odd article from the silly to the genius and real witty with pics and videos bringing you all sorts from around the world, the good and the bad and the ugly! 

Just For Fun



PC Mule Tech Blog Software and Apps CategoryRecommended Software / Apps… For the PC and Mac, for Android and iOS mobile operating systems for every day use and for more advanced use we love to discover and share software and apps. Whether it’s for gaming, work, entertainment or education there’s something for everyone.

Recommended Software / Apps



PC Mule Tech Blog Recommended Websites CategoryRecommended Websites… The web is full of terrible websites for design ,content and ease of use. Good websites are good for many reasons and are rarely discovered by accident, it’s usually word of mouth or links from other sites and of course through blogs like this that you find out about them. 

Recommended Websites



PC Mule Tech Blog News and Previews CategoryTech News / Previews… Who is taking who to court for copyright infringement and what tech company is buying out what tech company, to the more exciting news and previews of upcoming gadgets, hardware, software and anything else that happens to be new in the tech market.

Tech News / Previews



PC Mule Tech Blog Reviews and Views CategoryTech Reviews / Views… After it’s done being news and been previewed, once all the excitement and anticipation has worn off.. How was it? How did it do? Does it live up to expectations? We share our views and reviews on all things tech.

Tech Reviews / Views




PC Mule Tech Blog TV and Documentaries CategoryTech TV / Documentaries… We have many hours of fascinating viewing with a wide range of documentaries and TV shows covering everything from the full history of the computer and the internet to insights into some of the biggest tech companies in the world and how they got started. 

Tech TV / Documentaries


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